Welcome to Cheese-Rolling in Gloucestershire

Chris Anderson from Brockworth Winner of Two Races in the 2010 Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill.

In 2011 he won all three races despite a spectacular fall in Race One.
Chris recovered from his tumble to win the further two adult men races and walk away with three Double Gloucester cheeses. (He says he doesn't like cheese, he runs for the love of the event!).

2012 Brought Chris another two cheeses for winning races one & two

In 2013 Chris was unable to take part due to army commitments abroad.

In 2015 Chris won cheeses in Race 1 and Race 4, bringing his total to 15 in 11 Years.

In 2016 Chris won cheeses in Race 1 and Race 2, bringing his total to 17 in 12 Years.

All time record holder is Stephen Gyde with a total of 20 cheeses over a period of 14 years.